Outdoor Movies & Screen Rentals : Event Plan

Ron Tremblay - CT Outdoor Movie Screen Rental and Event Ideas Planner
  1. Set Up: This typically takes 1 - 1.5 hours and includes screen set up, speaker set up, the running of cords and wires, and putting all safety precautions in place.
  2. Audio Check: A staff member will start the audio and play the music that was selected for your event.
  3. Video Set Up: As twilight descends, the staff will position the projector, begin the video calibration, and make sure all video connections are working properly.
  4. Pre-Show: The pre-show presentation agreed upon for the event will be shown.
  5. Main Feature: After the pre-show, a final event introduction, and any special announcements are completed the main feature will commence.
  6. Intermission: An optional 10-minute pause for snacking and bathroom breaks.
  7. Tear Down: Finally we break down and pack up the equipment; this takes about an hour. ADA will be in touch a few days later for a brief, follow-up survey.